Do we Really Understand the Grace of God?

We don't understand the Grace of God if:

We accept the fact that our relationship with God starts by Grace, but the living of the believers life is based on some performance standard designed to help you fulfill the expectations of the hierarchal religious system.

We live with the understanding that you have to measure up to some spiritual standard by following rules and regulations and if we don't God disapproves of us.

We feel guilt and condemnation when you deemed we have failed Him and feel that it is a negative mark on some score card we imagine God keeps.

We believe that God helps those that help themselves by doing the best we can do, then God steps in and does what we cannot do. Grace plus our doing is NOT Grace at all.

We feel that we gain favor with God because of what we do and our spiritual maturity depends on our hard work and sacrifice.

We feel more we have more of His approval if we have been faithful in "christian disciplines"...attending Sunday-go-meetings, tithing, saying prayers, bible reading, witnessing, and religious observances.

We do not see our position in Christ as blameless before God.

We are caught up in the rat race of doing things for Christ than resting in Christ to work His work through us.

We believe that the seminarians and the religious hierarchy are spiritually favored by God to be the conduit of spiritual information from God to the less spiritual pew sitters.

We think that our religious affiliation is superior to other religious affiliations because we have a deeper spiritual insight as to the interpretation of the bible that warrants denominational segregation.

We believe that the Gospel is comprised of mixing God's Grace with the Mosaic Law.

We believe that Grace is an excuse to sin.

We believe that we can do or not do something for God to love us more or love us less.
Believe we have been called by Him to serve Him because of our skills, talents, qualifications or worthiness.

Understanding and living by Grace is more than knowing that our relationship with God starts with Grace. Grace is not only the Start and the End of our relational journey with God, it is also supplies all that is in between the Start and End of our relational journey with God on earth.


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