Mindless Me.

As a believer in God, there is a mind boggling belief that boggles my mind regarding the state of the dead who have passed from this life to the other side.

Yes I believe Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. But I am boggled in my mind as to the belief of the majority of church going believers believe that...if a person does not profess Christ as Savior and Lord before they expire...even those who since time began have never heard the name of Jesus let alone accept Him...have never seen a Bible let alone read one...have never heard of a "sinners prayer" let alone say it to ensure their salvation...have never darted their nose inside a "church" door to hear the preacher preach that they are hell bound...are now in hell's flaming torture chamber because they failed, through no fault of their own, to transfer to God's side. Yet, this is the same God that "Christians" ironically proclaim as good, loving, compassionate, merciful and full of grace.

Something does not add up. On one hand people are told that "God loves them", "God's love endures to the end", "God's love has not limit", "There is nowhere you can go to where God's love can't reach you...then comes the fine print...but, "if you don't say a bible-less sinner's prayer before you die, then my compassionate, merciful, good and loving God will cast you into hell's flames where you will be tortured forever and a day".

Mmmmmmmm. Something sure does not add up! Is this the God that Jesus is the express image of? Could it be that I am mindless? Or is it that that somebodies theology is wrong?


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