Spiritual Abuse by Preacher Tricksters and Tricked Believers.

The reason preacher tricksters and tricked believers state that, "The Lord told me", "God is a killer", "God hates sinners" "You are either God's child or hell's child" and quote verses out of context to validate the sayings is to avoid people's questioning of the subject at hand, because it implies that, since God has spoken, there is no room for questioning. Such fear-mongering is neither from God or godly, in actual fact it is aiding and abetting doctrines of devils.

Another phrase that is used is, "Support my ministry, and God will repay you a hundred fold return because God is no man's debtor." "God has called this ministry to reach the world, but it will take your giving." Preacher Tricksters take scriptures out of context to keep their members in context with their view of their out-of-context interpretation and give more authenticity to their ministry and leadership. Some religious groups view questioning their ministry and leadership as tantamount to questioning God. Some leaders feel they are placed in the position by God and claim to have divine authority and approval; thus, to disobey them is to disobey God. This is perhaps the most pernicious form of spiritual abuse and manipulation, and it has no place in the community of the redeemed. 

Abusive preacher tricksters indoctrinate the pew-warmers to their way of thinking to block and lock out any information that is critical of the doctrinal beliefs of the preacher trickster. With enough infused deception, the leaders can manipulate those under their control to defend their man-made doctrines against scripture truth, all the while thinking what they are defending is bible truth. Their first line of defense is denial...“That is not the way it is at all, your perception of the matter is misplaced.” Then comes rationalization...“What is taking place is happening for a good reason, it will keep the people on the straight and narrow, they will be afraid to sin, thus, it is a good thing.” After that, justification...“This is happening because it ought to, it is a means to keep the people faithful to the denomination.” In such thinking the end justifies the mean.

A characteristic of the spiritual abusive system is that a misplaced sense of loyalty is fostered, taught and even demanded. This is not about loyalty to Christ, but about loyalty to a religious organization, denomination or leader. Because authority is assumed and taught as bible legislated, it follows that authority must also be legislated. This is accomplished by setting up a system where disloyalty or disagreement with the leadership is construed as disobeying God and the fear mongering begins. Questioning leaders is not entertained. After all, the leader is the authority, and authority is always right. In other words, the Preacher Trickster equates Bible Preaching's position with God's own position, using God's authority to render that position unassailable by the pew-warmer. "You're not angry with us, you are with God, take up your problem with Him. Such spiritual manipulation denies the truth of Ephesians 1:22, which says that Christ is the Head of the church. Our loyalty ought to be first to Christ.

People, don't be deceived by the trickster preacher's trick to conn you by taking the scripture-text out of context to uses as a proof-text to validate their twisted view of the out-of-context text, appear to be a valid bible-text. 

Such spiritual manipulation is conn-artistry and is a form of witchcraft that is ramped in religious circles today.


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