The Grace Gospel Does Not Make Religious Sense.

For many law-keeping religious rule keepers the Grace Gospel of Jesus Christ does not make sense. sure seems that way by the grace-butting and the grace-mixing that characterizes the attacks on Grace. Christ came to do away with our striving to maintain our salvation by our doing. Their philosophy is,..."It's okay to be saved by Grace, but then it's up to me to stay saved by my efforts to do the do's and not do the don'ts. You mean...Jesus gives me salvation with no strings attached...are you crazy"?

Religion has substituted bible idolization, preacher adoration, Sunday-go-meeting attendance, discipleship classes, rule keeping, doctrinal philosophies, fear mongering, and a host of other things to avoid God's free gift of Grace. This is not the Good News Gospel of Jesus Christ...but a "Bad News Gospel" of religion at the least, that sucks the life out of believers instead of providing them abundant life that is a result of living the Grace Gospel life.

Religion shifts our focus from the work of God in us and through us to our ability to become worthy of our salvation relationship. The result keeps us enslaved, in bondage to deception's deception.

The key to a relational life living experience with God is not because of what we do, but who we know has already done. Knowing God and knowing the fullness of His Grace is a liberating experience.

Religion blinds the eyes of, and robs believers of experiencing the richness and fullness of God's gracious Grace.


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