The Importance of Understanding the Father Heart of God.

If we as believers do not understand the Father heart of God towards the community of humanity wrapped up in the finished work of Jesus' death and resurrection, we are unable to present the truth and purpose of the Gospel that God intended to be good news for them.

A great desire of the Father heart of God is to deliver His people from performance based guilt ridden religion. Once we understand the Father's heart we can go to Him and experience His love and forgiveness that Grace has accomplished. Once we know we are set free from guilt and condemnation, we can, regardless of our faults and failures, commune with Him, this communing with Him spirit to Spirit is Grace enabled to provide the power over sin.

The Believer's life was never intended to be based on religion's inability (for it is without ability gain or maintain for us a relationship with God), or man's ability. It is based solely on God's ability to fill us with Himself that enables us to live in Him and live the Grace life. Through relational fellowship with our Father, our character is transformed and we begin to manifest the fruits of the Spirit as evidence we are living in Grace.

As God's people we need to comprehend the reality of God's presence within us and by His Grace help the community of humanity see the revelation of the mystery of the gospel revealed to Paul...the Gospel of Grace. That is, that Christ would be magnified in our living, that He would grow in us and fill us with His Spirit so that it is "No longer I who live, but Christ who lives within me".

To fill the earth with the glory of God can only be accomplished by Grace living as He lives His life in us and working His works through us by His Spirit. Only by God's Grace can we have power over sin and live a consecrated and dedicated life so the community of humanity will experience kingdom living by Grace empowered believers.

As we learn to live in Grace in a practical meaningful way we will find the abundant life that Jesus promised us becoming more of a reality flowing within and through us as the Good News Gospel of His Grace.


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