The Sin of Grace Polluting?

Grace-plus-something is nothing when it comes to the purity of Grace.

Grace-plus-nothing is everything when it comes to the purity of Grace.

Grace pollution by the religious constitution infusion with religious confusion is Grace contusion...and it is not the Gospel of Grace given to Paul by Jesus.

Pure Grace is not abused Grace, that the religious law-keepers accuse it as by saying it is a free ticket to sin the sin you want to sin when you want to sin it.

For Grace to be pure it cannot be mixed with anything of man...including the Law of Moses, for the scripture declares that the Law came by Moses, but Grace came by Jesus Christ.

God's graciousness toward the community of humanity is not because man consciously "chooses" to believe. God was gracious to man while they were sinners and non-believers. God's graciousness is already given to "ALL" in the community of humanity, and its people simply accept the grace God has given them.

Believers are not believers to MAKE God gracious, we are believers because God is gracious and by repenting (turning from our own selfishness to the way of God) we come to understand His mercy and Grace and are to lice the Grace Life as a witness to the Grace of God.

It is not our believing that makes Grace true...Grace like truth, is true whether we believe it or not because it is already the truth of God. When we mix with the law of the pre-cross era, or the man-made religious rules and doctrines of the post-cross era, it destroys Grace's purity and nullifies its intended effect upon the community of the redeemed, as well as the community of humanity.

The religious way of maintaining a relationship with God by the performance of good works keeps people in the prison of doubt because, they never have full assurance that their performance measures up to maintain a right relationship with God when their performance falls below the expectations of religion.

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