Delusional Delusions of the Self-Disillusioned in the Religious Realm.

I have found out that some things of which I had thought to be most certainly right, in reality have been most certainly wrong. I now conclude that my persistence to believe what I believed was right was because in my deception, I liked my delusion because it agreed with what I accepted as truth and lined up with my denominated belief. I chose to believe the delusional delusions of the denominated spiritual elite was God's method of supplying me with spiritual truth that He wanted me to know. The self-delusion of the self-disillusioned fostered my self-delusion as to what I accepted as truth.

The fact is that in our delusional delusion we interpret our own spiritual ‘experiences’ according to our denominational influences, agendas, and desires that conform with denominated group influences that is most important for the denominated groups survival. In this day of the high-tech world, one person can influence millions and we need to be careful about the truthfulness of what we hear. That, unfortunately, means maintaining the position of questioner, and questioning ourselves about our own reasons for believing what we believe. An awareness of our own spiritual vulnerabilities and prejudices regarding biblical interpretation must be considered a wise thing. The problem is that the denominated groups we belong to frown upon the questioning of their beliefs.

My non-biased bible study has revealed that many of the doctrines I believed to be correct was riddled with erroneous beliefs. There is a great danger of being wrong when we take anything a leader teaches at face value. Thus, the danger of basing belief on blind faith or trust, in taking what we are told as biblical truth to be biblical truth.

We tend to believe the teachings of those we look up to as leaders as truth. What we accept as truth when it has no basis in truth, it becomes very firmly rooted as truth to us because of our faith, trust, and love for our denomination's denominated seminarian. In the end, people love their own denominational beliefs with a passion that even surpasses their love for God.

Organized religion encourages self-delusion because it needs people to be self-deluded to keep the wheels of the denomination turning. We should have compassion for the deluded and understand why people get comfort from their delusions, but we must realize that deeply held religious delusions can be dangerous.

Religion is by its nature a dangerous thing because it involves people who will kill or die for their delusions, and the ironic thing about it is, those delusions stem from misunderstandings and misinterpretations of the Bible.

Do not study the Bible in light of what you believe so you can ratify your acceptance of your denominated interpretation. Rather study the Bible to formulate what you believe to ratify your relationship with God who is love.!


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