GRACE GOSPEL (Christ living His life through people).

Is about what God has done for us to bring us into relational journey with Himself for us to establish loving relationships with people.

The Grace Gospel was God's method of replacing the Law which showed our inability to gain and maintain right standing with Himself.

The Bible is viewed as the written word of God that points to the living Word of God (Jesus) and is best understood when viewed through the lens of Jesus. If what we believe the Bible is teaching does not line up with Jesus who is the express image of His Father, then we need to conform to the Jesus view of God.

The motivation to live right, and live in obedience is love realizing that it is God's doing not man's doing.

Ministry is God ministering to people through us, it is not our work.
Man has no ability to provide the means or do anything to gain favor with God or for God to love him any more or do anything for God to love him any less.

God imputes His righteousness to us and we no longer have to persue righteousness by the observance of rules or laws.

The Bible is valid to teach us about the character of Jesus, but it is Jesus Himself who is our source. Our hope is not in the Bible, it is in Jesus. The work we are involved in is His work not our work.

Our fellowship relationship with God is continually revealing the glory of God to us void of religious influence.

Our activities are motivated by love and the life of Christ within, not by religious duties.

We rest in God, allowing Him to work His work through us as we work WITH Him not FOR Him.

Jesus and His life within us is the way, the truth and the life.


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