How did they ever do it without the Bible?

I many prophets in OT times had a Bible to prophesy from....mmmmm right, a big fat ZERO! But, they hat the "Word of God".

I many teachers and preachers in NT times had a Bible to preach from...mmmmm right on, a big fat ZERO! But they had the "Word of God" and were charged with turning the world "upside-down" for God.

I wonder...what is the number of OT scriptures that make reference to the Bible...let me think, oh yea, a big fat ZERO!

I many OT scriptures point to Christ...mmmmm, just about all of them!

I many NT scriptures point to Christ...mmmmm, just about all of them!

I many books out of the 66 books that make up the scriptures did the OT people used...let me think, yes it was a total of 5, how interesting, that makes up a little over 7% of the whole Bible.

I many different Bible versions are in use today...the one source that I checked lists 96. Whatever version different denominations use claim it to be the "Word of God". The different denominations that use the same version interpret it differently to substantiate the basis for the segregated denominations.

That causes me to wonder...if the Bible is divinely inspired, without error in its translation and perfect, there is only ONE CORRECT context and understanding. Then in all that is Holy then why does every denomination have a different understanding of why they claim to be its truth?

One truth of the bible is that Christ desires UNITY of His Body, He even prayed to His Father that it would be ONE as He and His Father are ONE. Now let me ask. Do you think that the Father and His Son differs, even minutely, in areas of the plan of God for the community of humanity? Do you think they have arguments and disagreements over spiritual matters? Do you think that they would ever condone, agree with segregation of His people by denominational distinctions? Yet the Bible is the source of the greatest religious mess and the greatest DISUNITY of the Body of Christ that was ever known. Yet, the Bible is accepted as the perfect "Word of God" and without error. If it is, are not the people using it to form and follow different denominations, deceptionized by demonized untruths that brings more disrespect to the Bible than those who regard it as a work of fiction!

If you can still believe that when the word "word" is used in the bible it refers to the Bible you hold in your hand then the deception that you are deceived by is deception's greatest deception.

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