LAW GOSPEL (Religion).

A system of behaviors, moral and ethical, required by humans to be in good standing with God.

A system of rules revealing the shoulds and shouldn'ts, the do's and don'ts to be adhered to to please God.

The Bible is the beginning and end of our relationship with God. It is viewed as the revelation of all that God wants us to know and do.
The motivation to live right is to escape eternal punishment and the responsibility to live right is our obedience to established religious rules and regulations.

Ministry and mission to people is based on what we should do FOR God by warning people about hell so as to scare them out of Hell.
Humanity is viewed as being nonspiritual and in need of the spiritual elite to show them the way and how to live for God.

While man comes into relationship with God by grace, the maintaining of the relationship is through self-effort in doing good, resulting in self-righteousness.

Denominational doctrine and spiritual experiences is the avenue to becoming more spiritual.

Fellowship is about knowing more denominational "truth" and pleasing God more, so a person is better able to serve Him.

Holiness and behavior are dictated from external sources such as, denominated clergy and Bible interpretations rather than the internal source of God Himself in us.

The major drive for becoming a believer is to escape hell and gain heaven.
Interpreting the Bible, obeying its precepts, doing its do's and not doing its don'ts as the way, the truth and the life.

The next post will look at the Gospel of Grace.


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