The Blind Leading the Blind who are Blinded by the Blind.

The blind are uninformed, misinformed and delusional leaders leading people who are unable or unwilling to think for themselves regarding the deceptive doctrines of the deluded leaders thus, accept the delusional doctrines as truth and become blind themselves.

Choosing to wallow in their ignorance, thinking themselves Biblical learned and spiritually wise when in reality they are wise fools going aimlessly hither and thither teaching the doctrines of men and their denominational delusions, blinding the minds of the people who follow therm.

When evidence rises that sheds light on their illusional delusions, their reasoning is so polluted by the hog-wash of man-made doctrine they unquestioningly blindly accept and follow when told by their religious leaders without questioning the validly and authenticity of what they are believing simply because, “it is what the denominated "man of God" told them!

The element of confusion is rapid within the religious world. One of these confusions is propagated by the myriad of denominations all claiming to be right yet their segregated segregation is blatantly against the teaching of Christ regarding unity of believers. Their different beliefs makes one wonder if they all use different bibles. No wonder unbelievers are making a mockery of "Christendom" when they see that "Christians" are totally confused in what they believe, unable to agree on bible interpretation and lack a sense of unity and direction.

Scriptures are lifted out of context, misconstrued and bent to suit the desires of the interpreter. Religious leaders have been known to get things the wrong way deliberately in order to maintain popularity and advance their ministry! Many have quoted the bible texts that do not conform to the relevance of the context related to the event mentioned in scripture while showing total disregard of symbolism, metaphors, poetry, similitude and similes, parables and allegories as they appear in scripture. Some denominated denominational leaders take the symbolic interpretations literally and in their wrongness, teach the uninformed people to believe their delusional interpretation of the gospel! Some of the greatest atrocities in human history are due to misrepresentation of scriptures.

“Every prudent man acts out of knowledge, but a fool exposes his folly” (Proverbs 13:16)

Being a fool because of ignorance of scripture while claiming to know the scripture, does not make you a fool for Christ and His Gospel. Instead it makes a fool of Christ and his Gospel!


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