The Blindness of Denominational Deception.

The denominational system way of doing church totally supports the one-man spiritual-performer from God to the pew-warmer. This man-trained, denominational-ordained, hierarchy-sustained, spiritually-maimed religious elitist, in his gifting brings the message from God by bringing bible truths, spiritual answers and soothing consolation to the less spiritual informed pew-warmers. This system subjects the ignorant "laity" to live in isolation from fellow brothers and sisters (of a different denomination) and instills in pew-warmers that denominational segregation is godly. Having their understanding fogged with denominational slanted theology they live in a smog filled religious world of religious deception, one of the greatest is; the pa-stars themselves and the pew-warmers he is lording over infallibly believe that God has put them in the office they hold to mediate on behalf of the the body of Christ, who in their befuddled mind believe that this is the way God would have it.

Propagating their ideas among the, as far as the lone-pa-stars are concerned "spiritual ignorant", they affirm their position and try to make a name for themselves by the resounding verbiage, "God has called me to the pastorate to be your shepherd and give you spiritual revelation for your spiritual maturing." Like some comic book super-hero, the office and position of the one-man show-man pa-star is a myth that has no scriptural support. What does have scriptural support is the function of pastor. God hates this doctrine of the Nicolaitanes; it is an affront to Him who alone stands as the fountainhead of all truth. When did God ever resign as "Head" and hand over the responsibility to a fallible humanoid. He is the great “I AM”; the ever-present one and STILL HEAD of His community of believers.

The community of believers gather into Christ to experience Him. They have no creed or credentials other than Christ, they have no agenda but work God's purpose. They have no high priest other than the Son of God.

Today's segregated denominated denominations are not and can never be the answer to Christ's unity prayer in John 17. Denominated clergy pa-stars perpetuates division, fosters schism and breeds strife, even though they may be unaware of it. The fulfillment of Christ's prayer for unity is hindered by the prejudice, animosity, and fear-mongering of leaders who segregates the people by human creeds, religious deeds and denominational barriers that prevents them from coming together to complete God's plan for the community of humanity.

Jesus never established a Church that is fractured into diverse denominations, governed by a man-mad hierarchy where the local congregation is headed up by a lone-star general celebrity spiritual pa-star who manipulates the congregants to do their biding.

Identifying poison by a deceptive label does not change its makes it all the more dangerous. There must be a purging from our very thinking of the religious clergy system and the religious system itself.

By the community of believers being segregated into denominational stalls, church has become a Sunday assembling of the enslaved for a programmed-event-driven meeting of spectator religion where the chosen frozen preach denominational freeze dried doctrines and hijacked the body ministry instituted by Jesus. Within religion individualism is the order of the day by the "select of the elect", the spiritual inner circle who alone "they think" are privy to the things God wants His people to know.

The community of the redeemed is to live a life of fellowship in the Lord and with one another. Individually we seek to grow through our personal relationship with Christ, but to be part of the body requires us to come into fellowship with other believers for the purpose of provoking one another to love the Lord, each other; and to good works. God’s ultimate purpose is to have a people that express His character and glory to affect the community of humanity. Participating in fellowship is how individual believers become connected to the body where each member takes his place, and without interference learns to become a functioning member.

May God deliver His people from all forms of religious manipulation control and deception.

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