Why Do We Do What We Do?

People need to understand that learning about or thinking about God (though is commendable) does not constitute a relationship with God...reading about, or listening to somebody talk about God does not constitute relating to God...experiencing a religious experience does not constitute an intimacy with God...going to a building that is claimed to be the house of God does not make it the house of God...giving tithes and offerings to so called "men of God" does not constitute giving to God...going to Sunday-go-meetings and calling it Church does not constitute being the Church...preaching from the Bible does not constitute preaching the Gospel.

Religious people find satisfaction in doing these things but are they authentic?

We can do all these things and only have an imaginary relationship with God. Far to often the doing of these things is used as a substitute for knowing God intimately.

God is is in us and we are in Him so the manner in which He relates to us goes deeper than our actions we call worship. He is one with us, there for all of our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. While God is a person, "God is love". "No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and His love is made complete in us" (1 John 4:12).

It is through the lens of Jesus, (the light) who illuminates our hearts allowing us to intimately know God as the giver of all good things. God is of love, love is power. Love is patient and does not demand its own way. Learning to relate to God is personal, and while there are necessary similarities our Father relates to His children differently.

Some people believe you have to let the bible tell you who God is. But twisting of the scripture is how most people end up with a God made in their image that is nothing like who God is. And the bible never claims that it will help you know God. Jesus said the Spirit would lead us into all truth and Jesus never once commanded or even promoted the reading of the bible, as good as reading the bible may be.

Knowing the Godhead is a far from the doctrine based, rule keeping, oath taking, membership joining Christianity we know. Typical Christians are taught to have predictable routines that turn "relating" to God into a religious practice of "pray at this time and study this doctrine, read the bible daily." Though these "hallowed" practices take place, they are motivated by a love for God, not just a religious routine or a religious belief of keeping religious rules and accepting that perception as reality.

You're free to make the choices you do, even binding yourself up in religious bondage, but being free in grace removes predictability. Living in the freedom of God's grace means the Spirit teaches you all things . Sure you'll learn to be loved and to love but it isn't about the learning, it is about the loving. If learning to feel God's love and learning to give God's love is our goal then we are missing God's love altogether.

Our Father just wants to love His children. And His love is to be the motive-force behind all our doing.


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