Religion does not promote spirituality instead it hinders it. It coerces obedience exterior wise without any real change of our nature from the inside...Grace changes a person on the inside and because of that change the works of Christ are worked through him.

Religion is man-made man-ordained and man-led...Grace is God-made, God given, God-ordained and God-led..

Religion man DOING for God...Grace is what God has DONE for man.

Religion is man's attempt at finding God...Grace is Gods attempt to find man.

Religion is man trying to rise to a spiritual plateau by his own self-righteousness, with the hope of meeting God at the top...Grace is God coming to earth in the incarnation of Jesus Christ and meeting people on their level.

Religion says, “Do good, keep on doing good, and eventually you will become good...Grace says, stop your trying, it is about what God has done, not what you can do. Your doing will follow my work in and through you.

Religion says, “Tell the truth, keep on telling the truth to be honest...Grace says, “First of all be honest in heart and then you will be truthful.
Religion places the emphasis on principles, precincts, codes and creeds...Grace places the emphasis on a Person (Jesus).

Religion says, maintain your relationship by doing good deeds...Grace says “obtain” the benefits of relationship by what Jesus did.

Religion places the prime emphasis upon your doing for Christ...Grace places the emphasis upon your being in Christ.

Religion gives man merit for the work he does...Grace depends on Gods mercy in the work He has done.

Religion is man trying...Grace is trusting in what God has accomplished.

Religion is about developing yourself..Grace is about having no confidence in self, but having total confidence in God.

Religion is threatened by the Grace Gospel of Jesus Christ...Grace is not threatened by the Man-Made Gospel of Religion.

Religion is a you Do-Do to be accepted...Grace is, God has Done-Done so you are accepted because of what Christ has DONE, deeds that are done because it is DONE are done out of love.

Religion is about you doing to maintain relationship...Grace is about surrendering yourself to God who maintains your relationship.

Religion gives you something to live by and to live for...Grace gives you someone to live in and to die for.

Religion treats the Bible as a book of instructions to live by...Grace treats the Bible as the book that points to Christ and His living in you to work through you.

Religion leads to an outer conformation...Grace leads to an inner transformation.


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