Questions for Reflection.

Are you spiritually, practically, wholly and experientially satisfied with traditional religion with its rules, regulations and rituals, its event-driven-meetings, man-made doctrines, man-led structure and authority, its form of public worship, the prophesying of false prophecy, the deception of performed miracles and lying wonders, the manipulation and control of the pew-warmers, denominational segregated name-tagging, self-help endeavours, agenda-driven programs for men...women and children groups....etc.?

Are you sure that this is TRUE SPIRITUALITY?

Are you questioning and wondering if there is something more?

Are you wondering if there’s any difference between relating to God through religion and relating to Him through an intimate relationship that is defined by your experiences with God instead of religion?

Are you wondering if God only exists to serve man and his religious programs, or is it possible that He has a plan for His community of the redeemed that defies the way religion operates?

Do you think that God desires us as His children to approach Him through religious rituals and the traditional denominational activities of institutional religion, instead of through a personal relationship with Him?

Do you hold to the traditional view that institutional denominational buildings is the dwelling place of and where you go to meet God.

Do you question if religion was never what God intended and may have been designed by the world, the flesh and the Devil to lead people away from knowing God and His plan for the community of the redeemed and the kingdom of humanity?

Any brave souls up to offering answers and alternatives to one or more of the above questions.


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