Standing For Truth is Standing for Jesus, not Standing for a Denomination.

In some Sunday-Go-Meetings the Bible is read, and if that causes people to seek its TRUTH then some good is accomplished. On the other hand, if it means that people are coerced into following denominated interpretations, a denominated doctrines, or man-made traditions through skill of propaganda, or the emotional appeal of the denominated seminarian, and thus induced to support man-made theories based upon the use of out of context Scripture, then it is to the pew-warmers great disadvantage.

It maters not the name tag that is over the church door, any denomination that practices spiritual manipulation in abusing Scripture to further their own traditional beliefs, uphold denominational doctrines and man-made constitutions, does not honour God nor the Scripture.

One of the fastest ways to loose denominated friends, to be looked upon as odd, and to be rejected is to side with God instead of a denomination. Once you become serious about spiritual matters...forsaking all your idols, taking your eyes of the things of the world, believing the teachings of Jesus above denominational beliefs or man made constitutions, turning to Jesus with all of your heart and hungering for more of suddenly become "a religious freak." And soon you will experience the worst rejection of your lifetime from the Sunday-Go-Meeting denominated people.

Why this change because you want a close spiritual connection to God?

When you accepted everything that came over the pulpit as truth, without question; when you agreed with everything that the preacher said; when you were a lukewarm Christian you did not rock the boat, you were no trouble to anyone; not even the devil. You were neither overly sinful nor overly holy. You were accepted. But then you changed. You got hungry for more of Jesus and you could no longer play church game of shame and blame. You began to search the scriptures to see if what was coming over the pulpit was indeed truth and in line with scriptural the context.You questioned certain doctrines that did not line up with God's character. Down came your idols of denominationalism, preachers, position, money, acceptance, fame, popularity, pleasure...anything and everything that was more important to the denomination than Jesus. You repented and turned to the Lord with all your heart. You began to dig into the bible and study it to "show yourself approved unto God, a workman that need not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth". You entered into a new realm of discernment and began to see things in the Church that before had never bothered you. You heard things from the pulpit that saddened your heart. You saw other Christians compromising on what the Word of God says in order to be loved and accepted by a denomination.

You realize that you too were once that way, and you feel for the people. You empathize because you realize that you once were the same way, giving more allegiance to denominational creeds, traditions and constitutions than you did to the Scripture. You realize that you treated people the same way you are being treated by denominated people. You feel for them because, they do not know what they are doing because they are self-deception.

What was the result of this? Now your friends and family think you are heretic, a false prophet, led astray and even controlled by demons. Instead of rejoicing with you or encouraging you, they ridicule you, mock you and call you a defector and a strife breeder. In fact some don't even consider you a believer anymore. Some treat you as an apostate.

One reason for this is their religious biases are threatened whenever someone from within their ranks takes spiritual commitment and the Word of God serious enough to question non-Biblical doctrine and refuses to play religious games with the living God.

If you have experienced this, don't be're in good company, several people in the bible experienced just what you're feeling. They did not give up and don't you give up in your desire to become more like Christ. The religious Pharisees may frown...Satan may members may not understand you, but go on.

Live to be true to TRUTH, true to the context of Scripture so Jesus will work His work through you as you work with Him.


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