The Weariness of Religious Service.

The religious system is inundated with spiritually fatigue believers. This is a sure sign that people are working for Christ and trying to do His work in their own strength which constitutes a work of the flesh. They haven’t learned the stream of His unction or to flow in His anointing by working with God rather than working for God. Working with God by allowing Him to do His work through us is rewarding, motivating and strengthening, invigorating, and captive freeing. That produces spiritual refreshing not spiritual fatigue.

Spiritual fatigue is a sign of flowing in carnal self-anointing rather than flowing in Holy Spirit anointing.

Many preachers, when they do not have the Holy Spirit anointing, press into carnal self-anointing to motivate people. What is self-anointing? You get caught up in something to motivate yourself and others to get emotions reacting. Self-anointed animation is void of God anointing, rather the anointing is of the human spirit.

Holy Spirit anointing is proportional to the amount that His life has expression through you. Are you denominationally infused or Grace infused?

A leader has the responsibility to see that people move into the stream of the life of God. The temple is not the building you assemble in, the temple are the people whom God lives in. The community of the redeemed do not need to be entertained by programmed events or subjected to some Pentecostal, charismatic road show. Believers do not need carnal performances of talent displaying. The community of the redeemed needs the life of God demonstrated in their midst that will affect their spirits and cause the life of God to flow through them meeting the needs of the community of humanity.

Being carnal describes the state of an individual, who although born again and alive unto God, is motivated by the old life. You are living in the soulish realm. You do things the way the world does thinking that the world pattern can be expressed through you in doing God's work. Sad to say, this is the plight of a vast majority of the institutionalized church. There is a lot of meism and self-promotion because of carnality.

A grace believer means you are born again, indwelt, and you are motivated by His life, not the carnal life. Being spiritually mature does not mean you have arrived, but you are being led by the Spirit into deeper relationship with God.

The kingdom of God is not an organization, it is as organism. The work of God and the life of God within us is not something that has to be manufactured or educated by some denominational cemetery…sorry…I mean denominational seminary.

Motivation for working with God comes forth out of transformation of His life within not conformation to a religious life of a denomination.


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