Two basic motivating forces in life are; FEAR and LOVE.

When we are motivated by fear, we allow people to control us by that fear and we are open to manipulation and deception of the fear-mongers. We live in judgment and condemnation of other people because we are jugged and condemned due to the fear factor when failing to live up to the expectations of the controllers and we judge and condemn others who do not live up to the same expectations. We strive to live by rules and regulations of those who motivate and control us by that fear and in failing we are blamed, shamed and guilt laden.

As ironic as it is, fear-factoring is the primary motivator used in religion. The two predominate fear-factors used in religion is the fear of missing heaven and the fear of being cast into hell-fire. This fear-mongering is an effort to keep the faithful corralled in the denominated coral in order to keep the religious horse alive and well.

However, when we are motivated by love we expose ourselves to all that Grace living has to offer, compassion, understanding, forgiveness and acceptance. To live in Grace we need to understand what God's Grace is and what God's Grace does to create a world of betterness where people rest in fearlessness while basking in His goodness and love while loving other people and brokenheartedly embracing the abundant life that Grace living provides.
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  2. And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
    1 Corinthians 13:13
    read more inspiring Bible verses here


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