Breaking Free from Deception.

Some of the concepts regarding Christ's Gospel that has been assimilated through the teaching of denominated leaders through through natural ability because of denominational biases are deceptions that has been accepted as truth, rendering the hearers deceived in their deception.

This deception that is presented as truth by religious leaders and accepted as truth by religious hearers is partly due to preachers preaching their denominated convictions and teaching denominational biases under a denominated anointing rather than Holy Spirit anointing, has imprisoned and chained people by denominational deceptions that are stronger than the links of steel chains.

There are more people imprisoned by religious ideals outside of jail then there are behind prison bars. People are who are imprisoned by religious concepts, religious philosophy, religious ideology and religious tradition, because they believe a lie to be the truth are are locked securely by truth-less-ness.  

It is only through a full revelatory revelation of who Jesus Christ is, His finished work on the cross and His Gospel of Grace by the Holy Spirit that will set people free from the prison of religious deception and denominational chains.

The diseases of spiritual deception...spiritual heart trouble, spiritual arthritis, spiritual indigestion, and spiritual brain numbness has kept people on the sidelines in the community of the redeemed unable to realize their full potential because they have been baptized in the religious  hog-wash of denominational deception. This has happened because denominational sick seminarians preach dead sermons lacking resurrection life flowing from them to quicken the hearers. This has caused people to loose the sense and thrill of the flow and the reality of the Christ life and they are left with a shell of religion and not the vibrancy of a life on the inside therefore, it cannot flow from them and they remain anemic.

The hanging hands of Hebrews twelve is a clear description of the spiritual sickness believers find themselves in. Believers are involved in too many things that are of the flesh under the name of religion and are bound by its deceptions. The bands of waste motion need to be broken until this people will be full of the revelation of a new life in Christ. 

It is only as we allow the resurrection life of Christ within us to rise and burst the powers of religious denominational deceptions and the gross darkness that are imprisoning us.


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