Control your Mind so you won't be Brainwashed Controlled.

Within this earth suit in which e we live in this earth realm environment God has blessed us with many intrinsic functional abilities to make our stay productive, profitable and enjoyable. How we use these abilities determines the quality of our existence in living life.

Though the environment people into which people are born is a huge factor in determining the quality of their existence but, it is not the greatest determining factor. The greatest determining factor is not something we are born is something we are born with.

Though all the God given functional instruments help with our quality of life to one degree or another, none has a greater potential to be used for the bondage of or the freedom for people, than the "mind".

Now the question arises; Is the mind and the brain one and the same thing?

If it were there would be an unsurmountable problem with the belief that we continue to live in a different realm after we pass through death's door into the spiritual realm. Why? Well...we know that at our death our brain function ceases to exist and the brain itself returns to the dust of the earth with the rest of our physical parts and ceases to exist. However, if we believe the bible, a person's thinking ability is still active and functional as recorded in the bible of many who have passed from this earthly realm. Thus the brain is not our thinking ability

Therefore, the brain is only the avenue through which our ability to think (the mind) works through in our earth realm living. On this earth the amount of active brain function, the environment we were born into, the brain when it comes to the things we we allow to pass through our eye-gate and ear-gate will determine the things we believe and do.

When people with brain dysfunction pass from this earth realm their thinking ability is set free from the imprisonment of the brain and their mind is no longer controlled by their brain function and they are set free to think again. That is why there is nobody with thinking hinderances beyond this earthly realm.

That is why the bible tells us to "guard our mind" and to "renew our mind" for that determines who will control us. Notice it tells US do it.

Our problem is that a lot of us have allowed our minds to be influenced by political and religious hogwash ideologies, rituals and practices to the point where our minds are taken captive by these entities and controls our thinking, acting and doing. We have allowed ourselves to be taken captive and imprisoned by a force that restricts our ability to effect God's plan by His community of the redeemed to influence the community of humanity because instead of God controlling our thoughts and actions the religious system is doing it, all the while we are thinking God is doing it. Such is the deception of religion!

“The mind is a superb instrument if used rightly. Used wrongly, however, it becomes very destructive.” Eckhart Tolle

We need to set our minds free from the deceptive and destructive controlling influence of bad religion. When we no longer accept what we are told as truth without validating that it is truth, we are set free to think for ourselves and we begin to see more clearly the deception that binds us and experience more fully the thinker we really are to help us see and know the truth we need to know.


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