Jesus on the MAIN-LINE now.

In the religious system there are many things ABOUT Jesus that are NOT Jesus, or OF Jesus...even. 

This displacement of Jesus is the root cause of the sin of religion. The emphasis on doctrine about Jesus, rituals and practices...that is different depending on the denomination, is given more importance than Christ Himself. This should raise a red flag for the believer in Christ. The subversion of Christ in the religious world is paramount to reducing Christ to an iconic symbol that gives false credence to the perversions practiced by religion. The people deceived by religious deception do not see a red flag of concern because it is camouflaged by the white flag of religion.  

The drug of religion has deceived us as to our lukewarmness and our blindness to the truth of our own spiritual condition (Revelation 3:1-19). The picture presented to us is one of Christ standing on the outside, knocking at the door, and waiting for someone to open the door to Him (Revelation 3:20). Religion in its deception, has taken this invitation as addressed to sinners to "invite Jesus into their heart"; instead, it is the Lord calling upon believers to make Him their center again. The issue was, and still is fellowship, communion, and abiding in Christ and Christ abiding in us to maintain our relationship to Him as our Head.

God's solution for a lukewarm, tasteless, colorless, odorless poison of religion is a fresh revelation of Who Jesus Christ is and what He has accomplished on the cross. Religion has taken the gospel train off the main-track to a siding-track and made the siding-track the main-track without realizing they cannot go anywhere because the siding-track goes nowhere! Jesus is on the main-line and by religion being on the side-line we are left to our own self-righteous doing to be godly and that is in impossibility. Jesus will align us with His Purpose and Plan for the community of humanity is only understood by being on the main-line with Jesus. Jesus on the main-line wants people on the side-line to connect to the main-line and get back on the right track. He will bring us back to Himself. God will purge, refine, chasten, and conform us to the image of His Son through transformation. But we must respond to His invitation and open the door and get back on the main-line where He is HEAD!

Believer, come back to Christ! Simplify your life, eliminate the "religious things", count them as dung, and cling to the One Thing! Jesus Christ! Our spiritual life begins in Christ, leads us to Christ, and is sustained by Christ on the get off the SIDE-LINE!


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