Living the Gospel Instead of Living Religion.

Many people are bound by the limitations of man-made denominational doctrines and imprisoned within the shell of religious concepts and traditions. Believers who are caught in that trap are locked into a pattern of thought in living life believing they are Christ's representatives  bringing the gospel to the community of humanity in the power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, when in reality they are full of religious pride and denominational arrogance and unaware of God's plan and purpose for the community of the redeemed in gospelizing the community of humanity. 

Instead of living and verbalizing their religious convictions they need to live in the love of God and love people by the unction of the Spirits power that is available only through the grace gospel of Jesus Christ. It is only God's grace anointing that will break the chains of denominational bondage and the religious prison bars of deceptiveness. 

There are more imprisoned people outside of jail then there are on the inside. People who are imprisoned by religious concepts, philosophies, ideologies, deceptions and denominational traditions that they believe are scripturally correct, yet, it has nothing to do the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This world system is built upon the fallen nature of man. It is built upon the nature of death. The world system is in the grips of death and cannot bring life to people.

It is ironic and sad, but the religious system that they claim brings life, is built on the same world system and it is bringing death instead of life to people in the community of the redeemed. This worldly religious system does not and can not,  know the power of the resurrected Christ. But the gospel of Christ's grace that gives life, is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes. (Romans 1:16)

He that has the Son has life, he that has not the Son has not life. The entire gospel, the entire purpose of God and everything in the scriptures is to bring man into a relationship with God for Him to make is abode in us so that the resurrection life of Jesus can work through us. It is the life of Christ in us and outworking through us that empowers us as the community of the redeemed to affect the community of humanity.

It is the devil's business to get us involved in religious busyness so that we stifle Christ's life in us from living through us. Satan wants us to be under the influence of the carnal nature operating in religious deceptions so we will not pursue the power of Christ's life within us. Satan wants us to live in disobedience to the the written word, or live by our deceived interpretation of it. He knows that he cannot destroy the life of Christ in us, he can only bring us to a place that we allow it to be stagnate and unprofitable to the community of humanity.

There are all kinds of things in the religious world that will dormant us and prevent His life from expressing itself through us.

We can have denominational life without God life. This is what has happened in the religious denominational world and often people don't know the difference. You may be in a denomination that you feel is doing the best they can. But if you become filled with the fullness of God to comprehend His grace message, you will realize that God is trying to destroy many of the things that denominations are doing. Anything that is man centered and man created from programs to preaching, God wants to destroy. Anything that is done in buildings called "church" (even if in the Name of God) that does not fulfill the purpose of God, He wants destroyed. God doesn't dwell in name-tagged buildings (denominations) created by man. He dwells within people. We are the 'inhabited called out" ones.

Even though we have His life implanted in us at the new birth, if we don't know the purpose of that life after salvation we will never enter to the fullness of God where we are affecting the community of humanity for His purpose. 


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