Living Life.

Many people consider the amassing of things, money, recognition, position, education, man-made religious titles, secular or religious authority, secular or religious control and possessions as success in life, some consider it as living life.

Life doesn’t consist of one’s possessions. It is not found in what one owns or controls. It doesn’t even come from finding the "right denominated church." True life, quite simply is the practical, knowable and experiential  presence of God as reality in daily life living. It is an inner sense of assurance and confidence that we are loved by Him and His provision is ours and our whole being is not only in His hands but, we are in Him and He is in us and the evidence of such is that He works through us in the engagement of His purpose as the community of the redeemed in the community of humanity. This life isn’t derived from things or good circumstances, but in fact supersedes them. Living His life will endure the most adverse circumstances and we will allow these circumstances to transform us to be a reflection His love and purpose the the community of humanity. People live in its beauty and serenity even in the most severe places of need or pain.

Jesus promised that His followers, (believers) again and again that His kingdom would flood their hearts with the abundance of life. He compared it to a spring of refreshing water flowing out of them and assured them that living His life had in mind the fullness of our joy even in the midst of adverse circumstances. These are the promises and assurances of living as a believer.

But not all believers find their way into that is not found in religious rituals or practices, it is not found in denominational adherence, it is not found in secular or religious positional recognition. A lot of people go through life searching for life living peace but experience a seemingly endless cycle of dissatisfaction, spiritual emptiness and frustration?

Real life living will help you find freedom from flesh-focused attempts to to work for or please God in and of ourselves, and allow us to live His life in the abundance of reality as His loved child, loving the across-our-path people we meet.

Religion does NOT bring the satisfaction of life living!



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