Religious Pretense.

The pretense of religion is the wearing of persona that hides its true origin and motive from its adherents, sometimes including its hierarchy.  Religion though man-made, it is devil-inspired and his angel-of-light deception has deceived millions into believing religion is a way to God instead of a way from God that it actually is.

Religious pretense is heretical and damnable, at least by Jesus' standard! Rather than seeking the character and the heart of God, religious pretense looks for conformation to its regulations while ignoring Jesus as the Head of His community of the redeemed; it looks for self-justifying laws to adhere to at the expense of loving and forgiving people. 

I wonder what would happen if as believers we sought the heart of God and hungered and thirsted for His righteousness rather than settling for some man-made hog-wash of legalistic requirements that make us look good dressed in self-righteous robes. What if we used God's written word to bless and enable people to be what God calls them to be rather than setting impossible standards and then criticizing, judging and condemning them when they fail. Jesus calls us to His righteousness. God's standard of righteousness is displayed in His own holiness and compassion, truth and love...NOT in the performance of religious pretense.

Many people are experts in religious law, religious rituals, religious practices and religious self-righteousness yet, ignorant of God's righteousness, passion, grace and His consuming love for people in the community of humanity.


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