Self-Proclaimed Biblicists.

A problem with self-proclaimed "Biblicists"  is that they also self-proclaim their interpretation of the Bible as the right interpretation. To guard the narrow-mindedness of their theological interpretation, rules and regulations are set up to channel people to their theological viewpoint without realizing they are being controlling and manipulative by snuffing out people's chance at finding and experiencing the freedom that Christ came to provide and proclaim through His living, death and resurrection.

The Bible's theological foundation is Jesus, the life He lived and the Gospel He died for that He revealed to Paul...His Gospel of Grace. Self-proclaimed Biblicists MUST keep in mind the difference between Jesus as the theological foundation of the Bible and their interpretation of the Bible. This means that if their self-interpretation of the Bible of Who God is, and what His purpose and plan for the community of the redeemed in the community of humanity is, does not compute to Jesus, "the express image of God", to acknowledge that their self-proclaimed Biblicist interpretation is the WRONG one.

To the extent that self-proclaimed Biblicists are willing to embrace those whom they theologically disagree with determines their understanding of God's this point...that understanding is very limited. When it comes to matters of Bible interpretation, self-proclaimed Biblicists need to understand that as mortals is that certainty in methodological interpretation simply eludes their grasp and that what they thought to be right may be wrong, and what they thought to be wrong may be right.

What the self-proclaimed Biblicists need to understand is that faithfulness to Christ and His Gospel is more important than self-proclaimed theological orthodoxy.

We all must realize that the best way in which the gospel can be presented to the community of humanity is not by what flows over the tongue and mouthed, but how life is lived as the community of the redeemed. There needs to be in us as believers an authenticity which cannot be questioned, so there is no variation between what we say and how we live. What we say must line up with Who we are... that is authenticity. People have to see Christ in us and living through us. 

If we are going to talk the talk we must walk the walk!


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