Every circumstance we face in life is an opportunity for character building. Character is not something that is built in heaven, it's built on earth and helps bring the atmosphere of heaven to earth. The forming of character is dependent on attitude and response during opposition. Its a matter of choice to be spiritual by trusting God and resting in His grace or carnal by trusting to self and religious performance.

To fight the spiritual dissatisfaction that is raging within you by further religious involvement brings deeper spiritual dissatisfaction because it is not spiritual growth food to feed the spiritual man. God makes us aware when we are unsatisfied spiritually. Never be satisfied with the spiritual status quo of religious performance because it hinders true spiritual growth. 

God never made us just for religious spiritual survival. He made us to be inhabited by His life that we might rise in the fullness of the reality of that life which can never be found in religious spirituality.

"But we have this treasure in earthen vessels..." (2 Cor. 4:7)...the treasure is not in religious performance or segregated denominated buildings. 

What is this treasure? Jesus. Who is Jesus? PLEASE get this...He is the life of the Father expressed to humanity. Now that He is in His community of the redeemed...we are to be the expression of Father God to the community of humanity by Christ living His life through us. When God gives us a spiritual revelation, He has to work it out in us and through us to benefit humanity. His life grows not by carnal knowledge in the carnal mind or religious knowledge (man-made ideologies). The spiritual man is not fed by human reasoning or by feeding on religious involvement. It is not fed by the natural things that are around us. It is fed by the revelation of Who Jesus is and what Jesus has done...Grace Knowledge. 

As long as we remain religiously focused we will not understand His Grace message and we become spiritually confused, spiritually frustrated, spiritually resentful, and spiritual dropouts; and we stagnate as the community of the redeemed. The devil will do everything in his power to discourage us from understanding and living the Grace message. It is the devil's business to keep us focusing on secondary things so that the main issue is neglected which gradually produces a diminishing of Christ's life within us until, eventually, spirituality reality is gone, leaving nothing but religious satisfaction. This is how the gospel loses vitality and spiritual reality for the community of humanity.

We will never realize who we are in Christ if we never come to an understanding of  the Grace gospel of Jesus Christ. When you enter into the fullness of Grace revelation you enter into really knowing who you are and your involvement if Gods Plan and purpose for the community of humanity. You live different, talk different and walk different. Words like defeat, impossible will melt away from your speech because Christ through you can do anything. You realize when you live life daily, Jesus is walking down the street in you ready to do His work through you.

The miracle of the imparted life of Christ to you by GRACE, is far beyond human comprehension. It is only unveiled by God. You have within you the hope of the ages. He needs to be manifested to the community of humanity and religion has failed in the revealing of that revelation because they know more ABOUT what others say ABOUT God than they KNOW God Himself.


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