The Lies we Tell.

Many who claim to be in appointed positions of authority are masters of deceit while believing they are presenters of truth by saying one thing while meaning something else. This is especially prevalent when a bible verse or passage is lifted out of its context to argue a doctrinal point when it is clearly not the context of the verse or passage.

It behooves all of us to be mindful and careful of what we say, for we are all prone to say what is useful for the promotion of our belief system, that is not necessarily truthful. 

More lies are spoken in religious circles by saying what is useful rather than what is truthful than the spoken truth itself by using the premiss that "the end justifies the means".

The words of St. Jerome about such deceivers are: "Sometimes it is true, they are compelled to say not what they think but what is useful."

We need to be mindful that a lie is a lie even when shrouded in truth, and is nothing less than a manipulating deception of under minding people in order to convince them that an untruth is truth. 

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