LOVE fuels the power to FORGIVE.

Therefore, if you refuse to forgive LOVE is not ACTIVE in your life. 

The love that forgives is not a soft and fuzzy sentiment that lets people manipulate, misuse and abuse people for their own ends. Love forgives because it is the powerful motivating factor of a believers life because Jesus is the believers life. To hold grudges therefore, is to hinder the life of Christ within us from releasing forgiveness because we do not love as Jesus loves.

The outflow of "forgiving love" is respect and commitment to God and to people. If we say we love God but refuse to forgive then something is blocking our love for God and for people in our lives.

Love respects people as genuine human beings, even after they have treated you like dirt. People who hurt you badly are not just lumps of degenerate corruption; they are complex people who may be used by the enemy, but there is more to them than meanness and craziness. They have the potential to become better people, truer people than they were when they stung you. Respect for them will help you see the real enemy, the rat behind the person. And this respect can stimulate you to move in the direction of forgiveness. Our fight is not with flesh and blood, but with spiritual wickedness in high places.

True love dares to commit itself to someone, and therein lies both its vulnerability and its power.

The very love that dares to be vulnerable by making a commitment allows God's power to heal you of the pain that commitment brings.

Committed love gives us strength to tough out the bad times in the hope of better times. Committed love does not throw in the towel before the fight is really over. It holds on. And while it holds, it energizes, it gives you strength to keep the door open for the day when a new beginning may be possible.

Loves Forgiveness is the KEY that sets us FREE from the prison of self-destruction. 


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