Without the Aid of the Holy Spirit the Plan of God is Subject to Misunderstanding.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to know the mind and plan of God for the community of humanity without the teaching of the great teacher given to the community of the redeemed by God Himself...the HOLY SPIRIT.

God gave us His Holy Spirit to help us to understand the revelation of Jesus Christ through the written word by the Spirit revealing the contextual and historical understanding of its setting and the application of that understanding so that Jesus can work His works through His people. 
To leave the understanding and revelation of God's plan for humanity to the leaders of man-made institutions lends to the followers of that institution being misled because of interpreting the word to protect or boost their belief system.
Let's look at one word whose usage and meaning in the way that it is understood and practiced, has impacted the world and subverted the intention that God purposed for what the word supposedly represents.

When the word "Church" is used the thing that comes to people's mind is a denominated or non-denominated steepled building upon the hill, instead of the Holy Spirits word that was give to the original people who recorded the word that was given to them. This has led the people of the world to accept deception as truth when it comes to the meaning of the Holy Spirit given word.

Because the man-appointed fallible translators substituted the word “church,” meaning a building, instead ecclesia the Holy Spirit given word reflecting a functioning body as a community of the redeemed, it has affected our whole approach to the meaning of the body of Christ.  We have been given a word from the translators that has nothing to do with the original Greek word ecclesia. 

When Jesus said, “Upon this rock I will build my ecclesia,” (Mat 16:18) the translators purposely used a word identifying a building rather than the people.  What He said was that upon the great truth confessed by Peter, that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the Living God, Jesus would build His assembly, His gathering, or His community of redeemed people.  Jesus did NOT say that He would build a church and He did not do such a thing! The ecclesia of Christ is NOT a church in the sense of a denomination or a name-tagged !  All churches as buildings and the denominations that they represent are the works and creations of men at best and inspired by Satan at the worse.  Jesus did not set up a religious institution of any kind.  The ecclesia (ek, "out of or from," and kaleo, "a calling or to call") is His called out, obedient people, wherever they are!  God's ecclesia is not an organization or institution...It is a functioning function of the members of His body (the called out ones) the "community of the redeemed"!

Church...as it it understood and practiced today is an hinderance to the purpose and plan of God for the community of humanity by the community of the redeemed because instead of being a functioning body in living spiritual life daily, it is a regulated body in living religious life in regulated event-driven meetings in denominated buildings for a couple of hours on Sundays or other set aside times and days.

Let's be the functioning body of the community of the redeemed that Jesus said He would build affecting the community of humanity for His good.


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