Oh Wisdom Where Art Thou?

We are told that the older we get the wiser we get. If that is the case, sometimes I wonder why I can't find the wisdom I am supposed to have that is inherent in getting older.

Well, I guess I will have to take refuge in the fact that "He who holds his tongue is wise" and shut up.

Then again, not finding the wisdom that corresponds to my aging to do so, here goes.

Regarding Spiritual Wisdom, it does not automatically come by the number of years a person is a believer. If so, there would not be so many spiritually unwise saints when it comes to living as a loved child of God and understanding the Grace Gospel of Jesus Christ regarding God's plan and purpose for the community of the redeemed in the community of humanity. Neither would there be so many believers judging and condemning people.

Spiritually wise people would also understand that the Bible cannot be understood by man's limited reasoning or by people's religious perceptions, because they will end up interpreting the Bible based on their religious beliefs instead of allowing it to formulate what they believe.

Rightly understanding the Bible, saints would realize that segregation of believers based on Bible interpretation fosters disunity and is in opposition to the unity that Christ prayed and died for and they would be more loving, compassionate and forgiving.

With the correct understanding of the Bible the hatred, the segregation, the elitism, the religious manipulation and control of people, spiritual abuse and religious betrayal would be greatly decreased. The religious powers that have robed us of our freedom in Christ and fogged our mind and prevented us from knowing our true nature as the community of the redeemed would end.

Spiritual Wisdom would cause us to share forgiveness, compassion, love and grace throughout our realm of influence in the community of humanity affecting it with God's plan and purpose. 

This will not happen through some religious self-serving means that will serve only to segregate and isolate those different from . 


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