Profitable Bible Study.

1 Tim. 2:15, says to "study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth." 

Spiritual understanding does not come naturally, it does not come by hearing or believing what the seminarian says over the pulpit, just because he/she is the preacher. It does not come by believing some denomination’s traditional point of view so as to not to be looked upon as disloyal. You must search the scriptures and compare scripture with scripture to see if what comes over the pulpit is in line with Jesus, if it isn't garbage it, and interpret the Bible through the lens of Jesus. God chose not to give us scripture as an ordinary textbook, He chose to give us scripture in its natural culture, letting us know that truth is there, and He gave us the Holy Spirit to help us understand the truth that is there. If you depend on man's interpretation you will not know the truth, you will accept whatever is said by the seminarian professional as truth and study the bible from that viewpoint, this will cause scales to form on your eyes so that when you hear the truth you will not accept it and deception sets in.

With the help of the Holy Spirit and using historical context and correct hermeneutics, (taking scripture for what it says) in studying scripture, you will be on safe ground. Using this method of studying scripture there will be times when you won't like what the it says, it may not agree with your belief system but, that doesn't change its truth. If you are going to study scripture and interpret it in light of what you believe instead of letting the scripture formulate what you believe, you are in trouble and you will not find the truth that is in the written word of God.

People need discernment to know if what they believe is correct, if you believe something that cannot be supported by scripture, stop believing it. 

I am not out to convince you to believe what I believe...that is not my responsibility. You cannot get it second hand, I share the truth as I understand it. If you accept it only on the basis that I have convinced you, when someone else teaches another alternative he may convince you otherwise and you will end up in confusion. Listen or read the content of what is being taught, then search the scriptures to see if what I have written lines up with them. You are to be in prayer and in tune with the Spirit about it, and it is only when the Holy Spirit makes it real to you and convinces you of its truth, will you be able to stand against man or devil and present that truth without being deterred from it by man. 

A pastor or teacher can be of help and point you in the right path but you are responsible for what you believe. You cannot say, "well that is what my church believes", "that is what my preacher told me" or "that is the belief of my denomination" and expect to be excused for allowing tradition to make the written word and the living Word of God to have no effect on the across-your-path people you meet. 

It is your responsibility to study the scripture, to be in prayer, to heed the voice of the Spirit. Yes, a teacher or preacher will be accountable to God for what he teaches and preaches, but you will be held accountable for what you believe! Your trust cannot be in a preacher because he is a seminarian or a denomination, it must be in the Word of God (Jesus), for that is the only way you will be an overcomer and understand the truth that is in the book about God...the bible.

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