Looking through Religious Spectacles causes Blurred Vision Leading to a Misunderstanding of God.

Judging and condemning people impedes our understanding, blurs our vision of the Gospel and gives a false picture of who our Father God is.

Loving and forgiving people increases our understanding of God so we can see more clearly what the Gospel of Jesus Christ to give the community of humanity a clearer picture of who God is.

By judging and condemning people we fail to see our own wrongs and fail to understand the fullness of God’s Grace Gospel of Redemption for the community of Humanity. “For it is the goodness of God that leads to repentance”...not scaring the hell out of them!

No writer or prophet of the Old Testament had a true revelation as to who and what God is really like.

The fact is,  no one before Jesus revealed to us the character of God! Jesus was the express image of God and came to reveal Him to us. Therefore, any concept you have of who and what God is like that is not revealed through the lens of Jesus is subject to being wrong.

Jesus said; "Father glorify your name." (John 12:28). What is the name of God that Jesus wants us to glorify..."FATHER". God is known by other names but Father is the one He wants us to use and experience in our relationship with Him.

Looking through religious spectacles people see God as Judge, Jury and Condemner...Looking through the lens of Jesus people see God as Jesus saw Him and revealed Him to us...a loving, caring, forgiving, compassionate and understanding FATHER!

If we would pray for people who believe or disagree with our accepted religious perceptions instead of judging and condemning them, we would not be able to judge nor condemn them for we cannot judge or condemn people we sincerely pray for.

God’s way to win people to His salvation is to pray for them and love them into being friends by reaching out to them with the love God has for us and for them.


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