Is the Bible the Sole Authority for the Different Denominations as they Claim it to be?

Preachers in every Christian religious denomination, no matter the name-tag over the door, claim to love and know the "Word of God" referring to the Bible. They read it...interpret it...devote their lives to learning it to become professionals in teaching and preaching it. They claim it is the sole authority for what they believe...preach...and teach.

Oddly enough, every different Christian denomination is segregated from the other in their denominated buildings due to disagreements over the way they view and interpret scripture. Yet all claim their denomination came about due to a clearer understanding and "their" correct interpretation of the Bible.

Is it at all possible for the Bible to be the sole authority for so many different theological beliefs and doctrines that has caused so much segregation and separation of the Body of Christ as well as many atrocities against people in society who disagree with their defined beliefs?

Doesn't the Bible teach UNITY instead of SEGREGATION?

Is it possible that the segregation is due to misuse and abuse in using the Bible to form man-made doctrines leading to the man-made denominations? Was the Bible meant to be used for such damnation to the Gospel of Jesus Christ? 

The Bible and Jesus teaches UNITY...denomination's teach SEGREGATION...seems to me that something is not Biblically correct here. I am inclined to believe it is the segregation spawned by denominations that is not correct and not the unity the Bible teaches. 

Then again...maybe I am not religious enough to believe that what different denominations believe to be what the Bible says is what the Bible says!  Does that make nonsensical sense to you? 

I wonder if the people in denominations were so dedicated to  knowing and presenting Jesus as they are to knowing and presenting their particular slant on the Bible...would there be UNITY instead of SEGREGATION? Maybe that is what makes...nonsensical sense to you!

Just Asking!


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