The Community of the Redeemed.

The Community of the redeemed is made up of believer's whose foundation is Jesus Christ and their function is that in their daily living the Christ life lives and works through them influencing the across-the-path-people they meet within the community of humanity. 

They not identified by the religious traditional church system of denominated, segregated and programmed Sunday-event-driven-meetings. Rather their identity is found in the fact that they they are born out of spiritual life instead of being constructed by man-made religious institutions that function and are controlled by the religious hierarchy and religious programs.

They do not operate with a us (laity) and them (a hierarchical structure of seminarian trained  denominated professionals) that run the structured institutional churches. Rather, the community of the redeemed is identified by every member functioning in their face-to-face involvement with the across-the-path-people they meet in their daily living. 

They are not pastor-to-pew services oriented nor hierarchical run and controlled, rather the supremacy of Jesus is their focal point and the functional Leader and Head of His community of redeemed people whenever they assemble. Through His  community of the redeemed the atmosphere of heaven comes to earth and God's love and grace is experienced by the community of humanity.

The community of the redeemed ought to function without any man-made religious ingredients, or institutional input because it is spiritually formed and is born out of the experience of Christ's life within and the working of Christ's life through His people.  

The community of the redeemed is God ordained...blood bought...heaven sanctioned...Jesus headed...Spirit led...Grace empowered and people loving!


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