The Difference between Religion and The Community of the Redeemed.

A man asked the Lord why religious people and His Community of the Redeemed were so Different.

"Come" said The Lord, "I will show you".

They went to a vantage point where in view was a myriad of denominated buildings where he could see people seated and receiving denominated doctrines,  denominated interpretations of the bible, and a bunch of rules to follow and membership forms to sign to be a bona fide member of the denominated group of their choice. The eyes of his understanding were opened and he saw that the people were starving for genuine spiritual food. The appointed one man pipeline who supposedly had a direct line from God to spiritually feed the people was filled with man-made doctrinal sludge and spiritual hog-wash with very little real spiritual nourishment  getting through. He saw that the people were spiritually malnourished and spiritually unfulfilled as the facade of spiritual fulfillment was stripped away.  

Then the Lord took him to another vantage point where every person was involved in feeding another person. There was no man-appointed spiritual pipeline, people were sharing with one another from a divine impartation of Jesus, their Head. There was no facade of spirituality or elitism, there was no hierarchal man-made structure, there were no denominated segregated buildings called churches. Everybody was spiritually nourished by the Spirit of Christ Himself.  There was no man-appointed mediator between God and man for Christ Himself was the mediator.  

"I don't understand," said the man. "Why are they so contented and satisfied here when the people seen from the other vantage point  were spiritually barren even though some of them did not know they were.

The Lord wrapped His arms around the man and smiled..."the people seen from the religious viewpoint were depending on a one denominated professional to spiritually nourish them with what he thinks they need. The spiritual food was laced with the poison of man-made doctrine. Even though the people seemed to get a good spiritual meal it is was so loaded with man's ideologies that it was a spiritual wasteland." 

"However, in the Community of the Redeemed vantage point they have learned to feed each other with what I spiritually feed them personally and then they feed it to each other and to the Community of Humanity. These people are a living organism instead of a religious organization."

The Community of the Redeemed have learned to feed each other as they are all members of the "royal priesthood of believers."


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