Everything that is against Gospel of Christ is rooted in the law!

Every way people try to obey rules and regulations in order to be good and accepted by God is not rooted in the good news of the Gospel of God's Grace brought to us by Jesus Christ is damnable, sin producing, contemptible, Pharisee-making and self-righteous making and has its roots in the law.

Grace hating is a sure sign of self-righteousness and rebellion gone-a-muck. Living by the law, we will become elite moralistic spiritual degenerates who turn down their noses at people in a cold judgmental way because they are not as spiritually mature as we are or do not believe the way we do. "HOGWASH" diabolical, gut wrenching "RELIGIOUS HOGWASH"!

We need to ever remember that the law was given for a specific purpose, that purpose was not to make people good, holy or godly. The law was given to free us from our living in a cesspool of self-righteousness and self-confidence that teaches us we can be pleasing to God in and of our own selves by our own ability. The law was the mirror that was to show our utter inability to live up to God's standards.

It is NOT the LAW that is GREATER than all our sin, the truth is, it is the reason we are so sin-conscious...It is God's GRACE that is GREATER than all our sin.

Grace believing and living people are abundantly aware that they sin, they are also aware that the remedy to their spiritual imperfections and failures isn't to measure up to the standard of the law by the keeping of it. They are not fooled by the facade of the sanctimonious self-righteous, pious people who dress in robes of self-righteousness covering their white-washed human temples that inwardly are rotten to the core with unbelief.


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