God has Left the Building.

Because people stop attending the Sunday-Go-Meeting does not mean they have given up on God. Neither does people attending Sunday-Go-Meetings mean they are godly. It may mean that people who no longer go to event-driven meetings no longer believe that performing the performance is the way to please God. Maybe they are leaving man-made tradition, man-made doctrines and the man-made hierarchy control over them.

They are breaking free from the bondage that binds them to a hierarchical controlled system of do’s and don'ts in order to be known to be known as a “denominational conformist,” to be a "member in  good standing".

Maybe they want to take their eyes off following man-made rules, regulations and gimmicks of the manipulators and focus their energy entirely on Christ and living as one with Him as the Community of the Redeemed. If you have been  ruled and regulated to conformance, isn't it time to experience the resurrection life of Christ giving you life? The way of doing church feels more like a business to manipulate and control the people rather than being a pointer to Jesus and His Amazing Grace.

People are looking to the preacher man as their spiritual guide and to a denomination for answers to their spiritual needs. Why, It can only be that their eyes are on someone or something other that Jesus. Organized religion is man's attempt to find, work for as a means of pleasing God. The problem is, people start putting more focus and attention on the the name-tagged building...the man-appointed pastor...the Sunday-Go-Meetings...and the orchestrated performances causing a woozy-fuzzy-dozy feeling that makes them feel spiritual, while what they are doing is forsaking their first love.

Living for God is community lifestyle thing, not a Sunday-Go- Meeting thing. We don't have to go to a building in hopes that God will show up or to hear the spiritual appointed mouth denominational theories, or listen to one of the chosen frozen pray. The Holy Spirit is our teacher and guide and He lives within us. We are the temple of God. The Living Word is here with us every day of our living in the Community of Humanity.

God is not waiting at a building for us to show up on Sunday dressed our self-righteousness robes. Christ's Church is not a name-tagged building we go to, but a people who have accepted God's grace through Jesus Christ and live as the Community of the Redeemed influencing the Community of Humanity bu living the gospel of grace, graciously.

God has left the building to make His abode in the heart and lives of His Community of the redeemed...PEOPLE.


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