God's Gracious Grace.

Grace is the “good news” of the Gospel, not only that, I believe Grace IS the Gospel!
Jesus fulfilled the law-based religion to established a grace-based relationship. Jesus replaced an obedience driven by fear, guilt and shame with a fresh motivation to follow Him out of love.

Everything comes to us by grace.  To believe that we have to work for God’s blessings is to try and buy something that is not for sale. Instead of following a list of religious rules to be accepted by a denomination, Grace calls people to follow Jesus to be accepted by God.

Sin is overcome by God's Amazing Grace, not by the keeping of the un-keepable Mosaic Law.

Is it true that Grace Lovers teach that the Grace Gospel is a "license to sin"? 

To make such a statement is illogical and asinine! It shows the ignorance  of the Grace Gospel by people who make such statements. Not only is it senseless, there is no evidence among Grace Living people to back up such ignorant ignorance of Jesus and His Gospel.

If you as a law keeping person stood before a judge for breaking the law of the land by driving without a license. If you were found guilty of the charge and the judge gave you a suspended sentence would that give you the license to continue to drive without a license. Of course not! His choosing not to hold the wrong against you is not giving you the right to continue to do that wrong. By the way...Who among the Grace Haters, who say that Grace gives people a "license to sin," is WITHOUT SIN...if you are without sin cast the first stone, why are you all hanging your heads? It can't be that you are not without sin otherwise, you would not have the gall to say grace living people teach that it's OK for people to sin openly because of God's Amazing Grace.

Grace living people do not teach that Grace endorses people to sin, they believe in showing people Grace despite their sin and that it is God's grace that gives them power to remain from sin.

I do not believe or teach that Grace permits people to sin as they please, no no, Grace is there to appease...neither do I know of any Grace Loving person who believes such fabricated, unwarranted, diabolical, nonsensical nonsense. 

It is God's Grace, not the Mosaic Law, that brings and maintains salvation and restoration.

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