Is Grace the Sinning Gospel that the Grace Haters claim it to be?

He Is Greatly

Grace Haters are guilty of stating a false accusation against God's Grace that is unwarranted. This false accusation coming from preachers and writers who are respected by the Grace plus Law Gospel Hearlders is accepted by religious rule keeping people as truth without them investigating as to the accuracy of the accusation.

These Grace misunderstanders have thrown around different names to slander God's "Amazing Grace" given by God though Jesus to Paul for the benefit of the Community of the Redeemed for the Community of Humanity. Such buzz phrases as, Cheap grace...Sloppy Grace...False Grace...Greasy Grace and Hyper Grace.

People who promote the above also throw around such catchy phrases so as to convince the deceived faithful of the validly of the accusations such as, "Grace is soft on sin”, or “Grace is giving people a license to sin” and, “You just don’t understand what it means to live holy.”  Oftentimes, “greasy grace” is combined with the catchy term for God's Love by saying; “sloppy agape.”  Isn't it bold to say that God is sloppy? Well...God is Love...agape love is God's Love...therefore, to call God' love or God's grace sloppy is to call God sloppy. 
These people...though sincere, are sincerely wrong. Their accusations against God's Amazing, Redeeming, Unfettered and Loving Grace is from a "misunderstood God viewpoint" because of accepting the lies that has been fed as truth regarding Who God is, what He is like, how He relates to people, His heart for people, His purpose for the community of the redeemed, and His purpose for the Community of Humanity.

It is sad when God's true Heart is often unknown by the very people who claim to know Him  best.


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