Jesus is Known through the Revelation of His Grace.

Grace is God’s way of bringing us into the revelation of the fullness of who Christ is...Christ in us...and who we are in we can be free from the bondage of religion, “For he whom the Son sets free is free indeed.”

I wonder why so many people in the religious world fight with hatred, God’s Amazing Grace.

Though the whole of the religious world slander God’s Amazing Grace, and by doing so, slander the founder of Grace...Jesus Christ...I loudly declare, I will not succumb to the call to their bondage of manipulation and control and thereby...fall from mixing the law with Grace to form a graceless, useless gospel of of man-made doctrines, rules and regulations.

The Community of the Redeemed is religiously segregated in denominated buildings by; denominated doctrines, man-made rules and by differences in worship, etc.. This contradicts the unity prayer of Christ that we all may be one as He and the Father are one so that the world may know...know what? “That we are disciples of Christ.” We need to rise beyond the veil of religious hog-wash, shake off the denominational bands that tie us to some man-made creed and see into the realm of the Spirit and live the Gospel of God’s Grace, Love and Mercy so as to bring the revelation of who Jesus really is and make know His eternal purpose for the Community of Humanity.

For our FREEDOM Christ died!

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