The Good Book.

Though the "Good Book" is the "Best Book" it is NOT to be used as a "Rule Book" for "Christian Living"..."Doctrine Defining"..."Denomination Forming"..."People Judging"...or...Sinner Condemning" reasoning.

Yet we find that most of the "Bible Thumpers" are "Jesus Trump-ers" in that they have IDOLIZED the Bible...the written word that points to Jesus to where it has trumped...Jesus the living "Word" that the Bible declares He is.

Though the Bible tells us in story of the history of God's dealing with mankind and every rule that the Israelites were expected to live by, they are not rules for Jesus followers to live by to prove they are Jesus followers.

The rule keeping of the law keeping gospel herald-ers has positioned the "Good Book" as the "Rule Book" to be the "Supreme Word" in directing spiritual living and doing. This has made the Bible their idle and is given more attention in forming their spirituality than Jesus the "Supreme Word"...the express image of God who came to reveal God to

This makes common sense to them because the first books ever considered as important were the first five, the Torah. For the most part if you read through this, it is full of rules and regulations that have been wrongly transferred from the pre-cross dealing of God with people to the post-cross dealings of God with people.

Understanding God and His purpose for the "Community of the Redeemed" the Bible shows us all these rules and then explains how those aren't the focal point. Jesus fully broke some of these rules but did He break them just to formulate some more of His own? Law keeping gospel herald-ers use the Bible to back up every moral claim they make. People don't need to use the Bible to tell them that murder is wrong, or stealing is wrong. They don't need the Bible to tell them that adultery is wrong. Yet the Bible is used to support every conviction and every different way of believing that people have. It is used to show us why it's wrong to date non-Christians, drink alcohol, play cards, dance with the opposite sex, go to the movies, to ride bikes on Sundays, and here is an ironic one...prepare the Sunday meal and shave on Saturday because Sunday was the Sabbath  and one was not to work on the Sabbath. Yet the Bible itself doesn't make those kind of claims.

Head knowledge and the knowing of the Bible has elevated it...the "written word" (the letter) a place usurping the the experiential knowledge of the "living Word" (Jesus). This was exactly a practice of the Pharisees...the religious of Jesus day.

 “You search the Scriptures, because you think that in them you have eternal life; and these are they which testify about me. Yet you will not come to me, that you may have life. (John 5:39-40)

Anyone who uses the Bible as a rule book for living, denominational forming, doctrine making...etc...does not understand the God-intended purpose of scripture, nor the intended purpose of God for the Community of Humanity. Whatever doctrines we hold to, if they do not point or lead is to an intimate knowledge of, and an intimate relationship with Christ it misses God's mark completely...and "sin" is missing the mark!

The scriptures were written that we might "believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God" and that believing we might have life in His name."

Let the scriptures do what they were meant to do...WITNESSES OF JESUS. Let them be the mirror that reflects His image, in turn we will see the correct image of God our loving Father.

Again I repeat...Though the "Good Book" is the "Best Book" it is NOT to be used as a "Rule Book" for "Christian Living"..."Doctrine Defining"..."Denomination Forming"..."People Judging"...or...Sinner Condemning" reasoning.

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