What is the difference between the religious institutional church and the Community of the Redeemed?

The Community of the Redeemed is a living organism that move and have their being by the virtue of the life within them. All order and direction proceeds from that inner life...the life of Christ! The living organism (The Community of the Redeemed) takes on the life predetermined by the life within...the very life of the Christ of God!

On the other hand, the religious institutional organizations exists because of some man preconceived bureaucratic standard and the effort to achieve that standard is purely human in nature.

The rules, regulations and traditions that govern institutional denominational organizations are human in origin stemming from the minds of men who lust after power, control and dominance.

One man regarding religious institutions observed what they do this way; “They first of all DOCTRINATE - then ISOLATE - then DENOMINATE - then DOMINATE.”

There is nothing as EVIL as that which robs believers of their spiritual identity and spiritual life and their freedom in Christ. If people are to escape the the enslavement of religion, religion must be seen for what it truly is. It is impossible to abandon religion if we are not CERTAIN that we have EVERYTHING we need to be in an INTIMATE SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIP with God.

Take heart...We have JESUS in us and in Him dwells the fullness of the Godhead therefore, God is in us and if we have God in us we have all of God we can get! Therefore we have EVERYTHING WE NEED!


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