When you Look into the Mirror of the Bible what do you see?

Some people look to the Bible to mirror back to them how to behave, what to do or not do, pass judgement on people, fear-monger people in order to control how they act and think, manipulate people, profit financially from people, what doctrine to believe, what denomination to join, and what they should be doing in order to live as a believer. In reading the bible in this way we read it and use it for the wrong reason. reading the bible for these reasons we fall into the trap of being prideful and self-righteousness. The fact is the bible is the mirror that reveals God through the lens of Jesus and what He has accomplished through His life, death and resurrection. 

To read the bible for reasons other than to know God leads to a blind pursuit in self-righteousness and spiritual arrogance because in our reading of it, we compare ourselves to other believers and thank God and in our self-righteousness thank that we are not like them and believe we are more spiritually mature and become intoxicated with our knowledge about God and in doing so we never get to know God nor His purpose for the Community of the Redeemed in the Community of Humanity.   

The Bible is not a book for denominational segregation forming, denominational doctrine making or for sinner bashing with the threat of eternal hell fire. The Bible is a book that mirrors the fact that  people are transformed so as to accept the indwelling Christ so He can express Himself to the Community of Humanity through His Community of the Redeemed. For that to happen we have too forfeit the God as viewed through the lens of religion to embrace the God of scripture as viewed through the lens of Jesus...who is the express image of the Father and came to show us what Father God is like.

Jesus is the centerpiece of the bible. The bible is informational, it is not transformational. The bible points us to Jesus who is the transformer that transforms us from our own self-righteousness into His righteousness.


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