Who Knows You Best?

Let it be known folks...God knows you far better than religion knows you, in fact He knows you far better than you know you! He also thinks more highly of you than religion will ever  think of you. The fact is; He thinks more highly of you than anything else in the world...He has chosen to make His dwelling place in you...imagine, the God of the universe, the Savior of mankind in all His holiness and awesomeness has chosen to live in you...despite all your faults and failures...that is AWESOMELY AMAZING.

God’s profound opinion of and love for people reveals how amazing His Amazing Grace Gospel really is and if understood for what it really...it is a path illuminated to the most astounding satisfying spiritual relationship there is.

This Gospel of God’s Grace will;
Transition you from fear and hate to trust and love.
Transition you from the bondage of religion to freedom in Christ.
Transition you from denominated division to oneness as Christ and the Father are one.
Transition you from judging and condemning to understanding and forgiving.
Transition you from having your identity in religion to having your identity in Christ.
Transition you from religious works to resting in Christ as He works His works through you.

God’s opinion of you far superceeds religion's opinion of you.


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