Godliness Without Religious Ruling.

When believers focus on obeying rules to be accepted by God so religion will accept them, rather than focusing on God's Amazing Grace, it tells people that what they do or don't do is more important to God that who they are.

The fact of the matter is rules are not what a relationship with God is about! God has done all that is required to gain and maintain a relationship with Him through the finished work of Jesus...God is interested in a relationship based on what Jesus has done...not on what man can do.

I wonder does God ever get frustrated at His children for taking His grace-based loving relationship and building a wall of baseless rules around it? Religion quantifies, codifies and classifies grace until it is more about us and the do's and don'ts than about God.

When people establish rules because they are fearful that people will sin, they end up adding to grace which nullifies grace completely. No amount of rules made because of the fear people will sin can redeem people, in fact, the fear of failure adds fuel to the vehicle of self-fulfilling prophecy and feeds people's appetite to sin. We focus on what we want to avoid so much that it draws us into doing what we do not want to do like a magnet draws iron filings.

In trying to obey rules to avoid sinning, we bypass the only means of power to enable us to avoid sin...Grace. It is the Love and Grace of God that motivates us to live a godly life because grace draws us close to Jesus. As we grow in our relationship with Him we become more like Him and want Him to do His work through us for the extension of His kingdom.

Once you smell the aroma and taste the delicacy of God's Amazing Grace and Love, sin holds no drawing card to sinning!

Rules will stop us from associating with, making friends with and eating with out-and-out sinners...Grace on the other hand risks the frontal attack of the law-keepers...Grace sacrifices its schedule to help hurting people and doesn't allow the self-righteous luxury of spiritual aloofness...Grace does not so focus on the doing of good deeds to the degree that it causes one to judge or condemn people...people are the most important thing to God.

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