Jesus Came to Save People.

Jesus came to save sinners. How? By showing the love His Father has for people and His willingness to finish the work of redemption that His Father had planned from the foundation of the world. 
Jesus' passion was fellowshipping with sinners and demonstrating to them the love His Father has for them. He didn't look at sinners has dirty low-down scum of the earth interruptions to His spirituality or people to be avoided because of their sinning. He didn't wait for sinners to come through the doors of a building called Church or make appointments for a pastoral counseling. No. He found them in His daily living as they were daily living their lives. He invited Himself over to their home to eat, and He wasn't in a hurry to leave. Why? Because He just wasn't looking for a meal, He was looking to fellowship with them

Not only did He desire to be with sinners...the amazing thing is...sinners desired to be with Him. That is a far cry from the "christian's" desire today. Today christians are taught to distance themselves away from sinners so as not to be corrupted by them. Religionists are like birds of a feather flocking together not wanting to mix with the dirty vultures of sinners. No wonder sinners shun the high and mighty and the better than thou christian elite. In Jesus' earth days people avoided the Pharisees because of their spiritual elitism and their nose snubbing of sinners. The Pharisee Gospel is the Law Keepers Gospel of today, nothing as changed. The Pharisees insisted that people meet a strict code of conduct before they could belong to the "in crowd" of being true Jews. They preached down at people from their pulpit of spiritual elitism, imposing standers to measure up to, rules to obey and regulations to follow that they themselves could not even live up to. They alienated people who needed help the most. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Jesus was different, as so are believers to be today. Jesus did not condone sin, neither did he condemn the sinner either. He offered forgiveness, compassion, hope and love. That is why sinners loved to be around Jesus. They were captivated by His compassion, amazed at His practical explanations of how to live life. Unlike the religionists of today, Jesus let them belong before they repented or behaved.  

Listen, it is not the believers responsibility to convince people they are wrong, it is not their Job to change them into better people. Pointing out their wrongness because of their goodness is a relationship barrier. Befriending sinners rather than judging and condemning them is a relationship builder and a witness to the love of the Father.

Christians have left a legacy that is not conducive to relationship building. They support supposed "christian causes" by stuffing their faces with chicken, while condemning gays to hell fire because they are living together. They think they have the right to tell them what God thinks of their sexuality as if it was the first thing on God's agenda.

It's NOT! Compassion, forgiveness, understanding, mercy, love and grace is.

Does that mean that sin doesn't matter, of course not. But when sin becomes more important than the sinner our priorities are wrong and we are thinking with our heads and not our hearts.

Love faking just to get people out to a denominated building is manipulation and hypocrisy. Placard waving and name calling at some "christian cause" and saying we are standing for truth and the gospel is alienating the very people whom God desires us to build a relationship with so has to lead to where they see the destructive way they are living and the because of our pointing them to Christ instead of sending them to hell.

Authentic love is the love found in John 3:16.If we were to love as that verse shows us we would love people and give ourselves to people no matter who they are.

Let's love as God loves.

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