Misplaced Zeal.

Many who call themselves Christian have a great zeal for the law, judging people based on the law in pointing out the sin of sinner and saint...but exhibit little understanding of the love and grace of God.

They render:
Judgement without forgiveness.
Punishment without mercy.
Condemnation without understanding.
Criticism without love.

In the process of hating sin, they hate the sinner and conclude that their aloofness from sinners, and sinning saints is what makes them spiritual and holy. The measuring stick for their spirituality is the sin of sinner and saint rather than their relationship with God...who is Merciful, Forgiving, Understanding and Loving.
Don't be as the Pharisees who were quick to judge and condemn but disappeared when Jesus stooped and wrote in the sand...because the also were without sin. 

The Pharisees were so zealous with keeping the law that they missed the point of the law...to love God and to love people. They thought their self-righteousness pleased God while the sinning of other people made Him mad. 

But...JESUS SHOWED UP...and they realized that nothing could be further from the truth. The sin of the people aroused God's compassion and forgiveness, it did not cause Him to be angry.

Jesus is a mercy giver, forgiver and love giver to those whom the Pharisees thought least deserved it. He gave hope to the hopeless and extended grace and love to the worst of sinners. 

I wonder...what would happen if we were zealous for what Jesus was zealous for? 


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