Resurrection Benifets.

The Grace that God provided for us to live and operate in came into existence because of the death and resurrection of Jesus, it not only a work of the New Is The New Covenant.When we live and move in Grace, the resurrection power, that same power that raised Christ from the dead is activated in our living. Grace gives us access to the and allows the the work of Jesus to be worked through our lives in the advancement of His kingdom.

If it wasn’t for the cross and the resurrection there would be no Grace therefore there would be no New Covenant and the Mosaic Covenant would still be invoked and the religion of do’s and dont’s would be valid. But resurrection Grace accepts you, loves you, blesses you and wants to deal kindness and favor towards you...not because of what you deserve or merit because of your do’s and dont’s but because of what Jesus deserved and merited for you. Because of the cross and resurrection God will never stop loving you because He graciously graces grace on you.

Resurrection Grace means God’s empowering Presence is in your life so that He can empower you by grace to work with Him as He does His work through you. With grace you can love all people, have compassion for all people, forgive all people and be free from judging people.

The first time Jesus calls His disciples brothers is AFTER the finished work of the Cross and the resurrection.

Romans 2...Paul lays it all out. He says that the result of law is that not one is righteous. Under the law no one was righteous. They were all under the wrath and the curse of the law. Before the law came Abraham was given righteousness as a gift because of his faith. But after the law came, Paul said there is not one righteous person on the entire planet through trying to keep laws to be good enough to be in relationship with God. So they could never have been His brothers because they were under the law. He fulfilled the Law! He didn't come to remove but fulfill the Law. The Law is now fulfilled and on the Cross (Colossians 2 says) He abolished the Law and cancelled the written code that stood opposed to us. Once He had cancelled the written code so He could give us His righteousness. You cannot have a gift of righteousness and be under the Law! When you behave wrong the Law will say "You have done something wrong" therefore you are not righteous.

God canceled and obliterated the Law by His fulfilling of the Law and then declared you to be the righteousness of God through Jesus taking all your sin past, present and future and giving you His righteousness as a permanent unconditional standing before His loving Father...God did this because of His love for people!

Rejoice in Resurrection Grace.


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