Self-righteous Good Works are as Filthy Rags.

Jesus came as the express image of God revealing fully the character of God. Therefore, to truly understand God the Father, Jesus is the lens we must view Him through because He is The God Jesus Revealed. The only one who has seen God.

No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son, who is Himself God and is in closest relationship with the Father, has made Him known.

Therefore, no matter what the prophets of the Old Testament, no matter what the other authors of the Bible tell us, no matter what the law-gospel-heralders preach, the only true picture of God is what Jesus reveals to us about Him. Why? Because Jesus is God explaining Himself to the Community of Humanity.

Jesus the revelation of God reveals Him as a God who loves people. God is not about judging us and punishing us according to our sins. His desire is to redeem people including the best of humanity to the worst of humanity. Those of us dressed in our self-righteous garbs are in need of God's redeeming mercy, love and grace as much as are the Hitler's of the world.

For to long to many “religionists” have prostituted the love of God by telling people that we must perform in our spiritual relationship by doing the do's and not doing the don'ts in order for God to love people. This is one of the greatest deceptions that the Community of Humanity has been subjected to by the religions of the world. Christendom in wallowing in a hog-wash of useless dead works when it comes to being in relationship with God. Man-made religion has portrayed our loving Father as the pagan god's were portrayed...full of anger who must be appeased otherwise He will inflict punishment on people. Ahhh...but Jesus reveals to us that God is looking on us with eyes full of affection and a heart full of mercy, love and grace.

Have you seen the glory of God?, If not you have not seen the glory of His Son, who came from the Father full of Grace and truth...For the Law was given through Moses; however, “grace and truth came through Jesus Christ as we are told in John 17.

That settles the fact, at least for me, that God is a “GRACE-GIVER”...NOT a “law-giver”. Jesus came full of grace and truth...He came to reveal the Father heart of God...that tells me that God is full of grace and truth also. God sits on a throne of Grace, Mercy and Love, not on a throne of Law, Judgement and Condemnation.

The Gospel is the good news of God's grace where there is no manipulating people to enter into a relationship with Him. He is showering grace upon grace from His throne of grace, graciously upon the Community of Humanity.

God is a Good God...God is a Good Father and His love for people is beyond measure and being in relationship with Him is not performance is love oriented.

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