The Grace Abusiveness of Grace-Haters.

People who respond to God's Grace Message by saying; “I wish relationship with God was based on grace because then, I can go out and commit adultery, ...rob a bank and sin all I want because my sins past, present and future are forgiven are Grace abusers.” That kind of response is revealing the fact that such a person has never met Grace...they have met a concept...they have met a ideology...they do not understand the full implication of Christ's death and resurrection. They are fully persuaded that the pre-cross gospel of works is carried over to the post-gospel of Grace because they do not understand the person who is Grace.

When a person looks into the face of Grace, when a person meets Grace, when a person sees Grace's nailed scared hands and feet and His riven side, when a person sees the fire of love in Graces eyes and experiences His relentless love...that person will embrace Grace and will not be motivated to sin, but be motivated to righteousness...Grace's righteousness.

When a person accepts and embraces Grace, Grace becomes the fuel that empowers their spiritual relationship. You don't do the do's or not do the don'ts out of duty or a means of pleasing God, you do what you do because you love a person and that person is working in you and through you for His glory.

Yes, Grace is more than a idea...not a doctrine...not a principle and definitely not a coverup for sin. Grace is a person...Grace is Jesus! For people to suggest they would flaunt sin in the name of Grace have no idea what or who Grace is and do not know the grace-giver. Grace does not need to be balanced with truth...Grace is truth...Grace is Jesus.

I would humbly suggest that the Grace-haters and their abuse of Grace would cease and desist hating Jesus and embrace Him who is Grace. In spite of your hate for Him...He still loves you and is gracious unto you.


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